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For a minimum number of 5 people I am happy to hold workshops (at yoga-studios or private). Language: English, I can also teach German if really needed. Duration of workshops can be fixed according to your needs - i can teach every detail or just give an overview of the topic. For price or booking inquiry please contact me.

Optional topics (for other topics please contact me):

Introduction Yoga
Spacer- Introduction (theory, styles overview)
Spacer- Pranayama (breathing techniques)
Spacer- Sun Salute in detail

Focus Meditation
Spacer- Relaxation (pranayama, sitting and lying asanas)
Spacer- Mantras
Spacer- Meditation

Focus Nada Yoga
Spacer- Pranayama
Spacer- Mantras & Bhajans
Spacer- Nada Yoga Meditation

Focus Pranayama
Spacer- Pranayama theory
Spacer- Pranayama-exercises, Bandhas, Mudras, Kriyas
Spacer- Meditation

Focus Classic Asanas
Spacer- Hatha Yoga history
Spacer- Classic Asanas from the original Hatha Yoga
Spacer- Relaxation

Focus Sun Salute
Spacer- Vinyasas for Sun Salute (preparation asanas)
Spacer- Sun Salute in detail
Spacer- Sun Salute with Mantras
Spacer- Sun Salute variations

Focus Chakras
Spacer- Chakras Theory
Spacer- Chakra-Pranayama
Spacer- Chakra-Nada/Mantra
Spacer- Chakra-Asanas
Spacer- Chakra-Meditation

Workshops Yoga

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