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P. Senthil Kumar

YOGA – union of body and mind

Relax, let go, peace for the soul...

Yoga means union between body and mind. It is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development, which has become very popular in western countries. Yoga exercise comprises of breathing exercises, body postures and movements, relaxation and meditation. Through regular practice the body becomes more flexible and the mind learns to relax quickly and easily, significantly increasing general wellbeing.

Would you like to leave your everyday life behind for a while and do something for your body and mind? Come for the yoga-classes....

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge about yoga or would you like to know more about the background of yoga?
Are you a yoga-studio owner and would like to offer something different to your customers? I'll be happy to come and hold a workshop on various topics from yoga-theory and practise - a selection of workshop topics...


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